A dining in the dark fundraising event that can be dinner, lunch, morning or afternoon tea even a decadent desert sitting – the challenge is that guests are to experience the entire meal with no vision. This gives guests a glimpse into a sensory experience of what it is like to live with vision loss and if you have attended a Dining in the Dark you know it gives you a very different perspective into vision loss.

We encourage hosts to charge guests a nominal fee or ticket price to attend making sure this covers any meal costs in full and then also raises funds in addition to the cost usually $20-$40 for at home events on top of the cost is recommended.

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Why not even see if your local favourite café or community venue wants to support you and host a Dining in the Dark you can work together to make an exciting and engaging event. We have several Dining in the Darks that are run in conjunction with venues around Queensland and we find most are more than happy to provide a great rate for food and beverages, this gives the host an opportunity to concentrate on introducing other fundraising elements such as raffles and auctions to the event which can assist in raising additional funds.

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