10 WAYS TO RAISE $2,000
NO. 1

Donate to yourself

Self donation prompts others to give.

NO. 2

Get Personal

Share your story to why you are suppawting Guide Dogs

NO. 3


Reach out to your family, friends, colleagues and community to ask for suppawt.

NO. 4


these can take place anywhere your house with family and friends, at school, local cafes, pubs and clubs. Trivia nights can help raise funds fast!

NO. 5

Pupcake Morning Tea

host one at school or get your parents or family members to host one at work.

NO. 6

Free Dress Day

host a Free Dress Day at school or work and ask for donations for the day to wear outfits with a theme or of your own choice – we take no responsibility for PAW dress sense!

NO. 7

Dog walking

Offer to walk your neighbourhood pooches for a donation! Added bonus, you get to hang out with pups and get some exercise.

NO. 8


Ask your local supermarket or butcher to donate some goods and host a BARK-B-Q at your local Bunnings, shopping centre or community/sports club.

NO. 9


Visit your local businesses and see if they can donate some raffle prizes (p.s. don’t forget to take your official supPAWter letter). Keep a record, so you can thank them all at the end.

NO. 10

Recycle for $$

Turn those empty bottles and cans into cash. Set up your own scheme ID and ask your family and friends to deposit their recycling to your ID and donate it towards your fundraising. You’re helping the environment and Guide Dogs at the same time!