Ask local businesses to donate items and host an Auction at school, work or online.


Ask your local supermarket or butcher to donate some goods and host a BARK-B-Q at your local Bunnings, shopping centre or community/sports club.

Cash for Cans Recycle for $$

Turn those empty bottles and cans into cash. Set up your own scheme ID and ask your family and friends to deposit their recycling to your ID and donate it towards your fundraising. You’re helping the environment and Guide Dogs at the same time!

Dog walking

Offer to walk your neighbourhood pooches for a donation! Added bonus, you get to hang out with pups and get some exercise.

Exercise Challenge or Athletic Activity

Register for an athletic event and ask for family and friends to sponsor you, there is a great list of event to choose from on our GET YOUR PAWS MOVING page.

Free Dress Day

Ask your school if you can host a free dress day to raise money for Guide Dogs.

Garage sale

A good excuse to get rid of all those unwanted items and raise money for your cause at the same time.

Halloween Party

Host a Halloween Fancy Dress Party, Lunch or Dinner and those who attend are required to make a donation or purchase a ticket to fundraise.


Instead of receiving gifts request a donation for special occasions like Birthdays & Weddings.

Jelly Bean Count

Create a guessing competitions with a jar full of jelly beans request a donation for a guess.

Karaoke Night

Get howling into the mic to raise funds.

Lawn Mowing

Raise funds by mowing lawns for neighbours, family and friends explain that it’s for a good cause.

Movie Night

Reach out to your local cinema to arrange a fundraising night.

New Year’s Party

Host a new year’s party with proceeds from tickets going to Guide Dogs.

Open House

If a tour of your office would be of interest to the public hold an open house and ask for a donation for charity for a tour.

Pupcake Morning Tea

Host one at school or get your parents or family members to host one at work.


These can be used in conjunction with a morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or drinks to collect donations and fundraise.


Visit your local businesses and see if they can donate some raffle prizes (p.s. don’t forget to take your official supPAWter letter). Keep a record, so you can thank them all at the end.

Sensory Dining In The Dark

This is a dinner or morning tea event you can host with family and friends where the main course is consumed with a blind fold on, this gives guests a sensory experience of what it is like to live with low vision. Guests can be charged a nominated cost to attend, why not see if your local favourite café or community venue wants to get on board and host it for you. Check out all the information on our DINING IN THE DARK page.

Trivia Night

These can take place anywhere your house with family and friends, at school, local cafes, pubs and clubs.

Unwanted Items Sale

Utilise second hand or unwanted items from family, friends and colleagues place for sale online or through garage sale or market.

Vacation Giveaway

Approach your local travel agent to see if they can donate some sort of vacation for you to raffle off to fundraise.

Wash Your Dog

Better known as a DOG WASH let your family, friends and neighbourhood know you’re washing dogs to raise funds or host in conjunction with your local pet store or vet.

Xmas Stall

Utilise a consignment of Guide Dogs Stock and host a XMAS STALL at your local shopping centre or market.

Yoga or Doga

Yoga class with your dog donate to participate.

Zumba Fitness Class

Donate to participate.