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WE are fundraising for Guide Dogs Queensland

Here at Green Leaves Warner Lakes, we are hoping to support this amazing local community organisation. Through supporting Guide Queensland they are able to help us by enriching our learning outcomes for our children within our centre. This can be done by providing ongoing interactions and learning opportunities with the guide dogs in various stages of their training in and around our centre.  

With 27 Queenslanders currently on the waitlist, hoping to meet their guide dog soon and many more hundreds of Queenslanders accessing support and services offered by Guide Dogs Queensland.

It is only with the support of the local communities groups like ours here at Warner Lakes that Guide Dogs can continue to give Queenslanders with vision loss the opportunity for freedom and independence. That is why we have chosen to put our PAW UP and fundraise for Guide Dogs.

Your donations will give more Queenslander’s the opportunity to meet their guide dog sooner and shorten the ever growing waitlist. It will also go towards providing vital support and services across the community to those impacted by vision loss.

Every dollar counts towards helping us reach our goal so any SUPPAWT you can offer will be PAWSOME! Thank you for any contributions you can make to our fundraising journey together we can create a change.

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Rachel Buckingham

Thank you for all the adoption puppies


Tahlia Kjeldsen

Such a great organisation to support! I hope we get puppy cuddles 😀


Luke, Sandra & Agatha Enchelmaier


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Melissa Kent

Awesome idea Rach! Jon Jon will be very happy to meet the doggies :)


Isla Ryan

Fantastic fund raiser!


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Kevin And Toby


Freddie Robinson


Green Leaves Warner Lakes


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