Look to the Future

Youth Ambassador 2022

Our PAWSOME Pack !

Our team has taken up the challenge as Guide Dog Youth Ambassadors for 2022. 

With the support of the community our team is striving to become a Youth Ambassador Pawsome PAck raising much needed funds and awareness for Guide Dogs.  Your support will assist in providing vital services, including our beautiful Guide Dogs, to Queenslanders facing vision loss.

The Youth Ambassador program for 2022 is aiming to raise enough funds to support our Guide Dog NurseryThis is a Guide Dog pup’s very first home. It is where our pups start their imPAWtant journey to becoming a life-changing companion, providing freedom and independence to people living with vision loss.  

It is only with the support of the community that Guide Dogs can continue to give Queenslanders with vision loss the opportunity for freedom and independence. That is why I have chosen to put my PAW UP and be a Youth Ambassador for 2022.

Every dollar $ counts towards helping me reach my goal so any SUPPAWT you can offer will help! Thank you for any contributions you can make to my fundraising journey together we can create an IMPACT for Guide Dogs.

Together we can Look to the future.

Thank you to our Sponsors


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Recycled Cans And Bottles


Recycled Cans And Bottles


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